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Scout 80 800 Factory Style Floor Mat


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Scout 80 and 800’s sometimes had factory floormats in the front floor area as well as rear cargo area. We have obtained the material that is almost exact as the original pebble grain style. Often this style was found on later 800’s. Some other styles were ribbed, we do not have any other material other than the pebble grain style pictured. A front floor kit is enough material for you to pattern your floor and then cut them out of this rubber. This material is easy to work and cut with a common razor knife and a straight edge. We are not making pre-cut kits for front floors. There is too much variation and previous owner patchwork in most Scouts floors for the product to be consistent. Also note, the material included in a front floor kit is for the front floors (driver and passenger side) NOT the seldom seen “full front floor – over the transmission tunnel” style. A front floor kit does the flat area of the floor as well as the upward section towards the firewall on both driver and passenger side. A rear floor kit will be cut to 37 1/2″ wide and 60″ long (you notch front corners near bulkhead)

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